Halo of Ashes’ 2013 E.P ‘INNOCENCE’ to go out of print

During a meeting at the Gore Monkey Industries-run Wiseblood Studios on Thursday, Halo of Ashes frontman Matt Perry stated that while he appreciated the ‘historical value’ of the recording in relation to the band, it does not accurately represent the sum of the band and is more ‘a snapshot in time’ that should be seen as a small but integral part of grunge-influenced group’s development.

This comes following the announcement of Halo of Ashes’ first official single, Sick and Twisted which is expected out later this month (via INSUFFER).

Perry also made it known that there were originally plans to rerecord the E.P; first in 2014, then again in 2015, and said that some of the songs had undertaken a ‘facelift’ since their original appearances on the 2013 release. While not adding to speculation on whether a reworking is still planned, it was noted that at least two other tracks were recorded during the original E.P’s sessions that ultimately did not make the cut, fan favorites “Mark of the Beast” and “God-Damned Blues”.

Limited edition physical discs and digital downloads are still available through the Halo of Ashes bandcamp page for the next several weeks.

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